How to prevent engine room fires

Published on
14 Apr 2023
A thumbnail for the 5 leading causes of equipment fires.
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It is estimated that 90% of all fires on a ship, boat or vessel occur in the engine room. This is something no one wants to hear, and everyone dreads to hear about when it does happen.

We recommend preventing engine room fires in the first place is doing proactive preventative maintenance. One method of prevention is by using marine thermal exhaust lagging on your exhaust systems. This includes the engine manifold, engine bellows and turbo lagging. These exhaust blankets will help prevent engine fires from starting by being a barrier between the hot exhaust and flammable substances.

What is the difference between Stallion Marine lagging and other lagging?

Tradition Lagging: has been known to leave gaps and expose hot exhaust.

Stallion Lagging: each piece of our thermal lagging comes with overlap (acting like shingles on a roof).

Traditional Lagging: tends to absorb fluids.

Stallion Lagging: made with a high temp liner cloth/foil with sewn edges that complete encapsulate the fiberglass preventing fluid ingression.

Can thermal exhaust lagging be removed and reused again?

Yes, Stallion Marine's lagging is made to be easily removeable.

Stallion Marine's unique product is designed to be easy to install, remove and re-install. Our exhaust lagging is created with an extra layer of protection in our blankets to prevent the fiberglass from breaking down and distributing around your engine room.

How do engine blankets and marine engine room insulation contribute to fire prevention and safety?

Engine blankets and marine engine room insulation are vital components in mitigating the risk of engine room fires on ships. These solutions provide insulation, preventing excessive heat buildup and minimizing the chances of ignition. By creating a barrier between hot engine components and flammable fluids, they help maintain a safer operating environment.

How does the fire exhaust system contribute to engine room safety?

The fire exhaust system is a critical component of engine room safety, and Stallion Marine understands the importance of providing comprehensive solutions. Our thermal exhaust blankets are not just an add-on; they are an essential aid to the fire exhaust system. By effectively insulating and protecting the engine from flammable fluids, our blankets complement the system's efforts to expel smoke, heat, and harmful gases. This collaborative approach enhances visibility, controls the progression of fire, and creates a clear escape route for crew members, significantly improving overall safety in the engine room. Trust Stallion Marine to provide the integrated solutions you need to safeguard your vessel.

Do engine covers trap heat and pose a risk to the engine room?

Engine covers are not designed to trap heat within the engine room. On the contrary, modern engine covers are engineered to provide insulation and stopping the transfer of heat, keeping the heat in. These covers are designed to regulate heat and prevent heat loss, ensuring optimal engine performance and preventing heat-related damage to surrounding equipment. When installed and maintained correctly, engine covers pose no risk to the engine room's safety.

How does proper marine engine insulation contribute to fire prevention?

At Stallion Marine, we understand the critical role of marine engine insulation in fire prevention. That's why we offer top-of-the-line thermal exhaust blankets designed to provide reliable insulation for engine compartments. Our blankets act as a protective shield, effectively protecting the engine from fluids and minimizing the risk of ignition. Our fluid-resistant blankets serve as a barrier for the engine, giving valuable time for crew members to respond. With our high-quality thermal exhaust blankets, you can enhance the safety and peace of mind aboard your vessel.

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