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What are Stack Bellows?

Stack bellows, also known as expansion joints, heat exchangers, metal expansion joints, edge welded bellows, vacuum bellows, and wrinkle belly, are flexible connectors widely used in industrial applications. They provide crucial flexibility, absorbing movements and managing stress in piping systems.

Absorbs vibrations

As your marine engine operates, it generates vibrations. Stack bellows act as shock absorbers, to guard other parts from failing.

Protects components

Stack bellows form a protective barrier around sensitive components. They save other parts from excessive heat, contaminants, and wear and tear, ensuring the entire system operates safely.

Ensures alignment

Stack bellows also play a role in maintaining proper alignment within the system, to prevent premature failure and costly downtime.
Stack bellows are expected to last around five years.
Occasionally, they may fail before reaching this expected lifespan.
If a stack bellow fails prematurely, it could be a sign of an underlying issue like misalignment or excessive stress.
Our Stallion Marine field specialists will work with you on a site visit to confirm the cause of the failure and replace your stack bellows.
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Everything you need to know about stack bellows. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.
How do Stack Bellows Differ from Expansion Joints?
The terms are often used interchangeably. While stack bellows refer to the flexible connectors as a whole, expansion joints specifically address components designed to absorb thermal expansion or contraction in pipes, ducts, and vessels.
Are Heat Exchangers and Stack Bellows Similar?
Yes, in certain contexts. Heat exchangers, like stack bellows, contribute to industrial processes by transferring heat between fluids. Stack bellows, however, encompass a broader category that includes various flexible components used in different applications.
Can Metal Expansion Joints be Referred to as Stack Bellows?
Absolutely. Metal expansion joints are a type of stack bellows. The term "stack bellows" is a more inclusive term, covering various flexible connectors, including metal expansion joints, which are specifically designed to handle axial, lateral, and angular movements.
What about Edge Welded Bellows and Vacuum Bellows?
Both edge welded bellows and vacuum bellows fall under the umbrella of stack bellows. Edge welded bellows provide precision flexibility, while vacuum bellows ensure airtight seals in systems requiring vacuum integrity.
Is "Wrinkle Belly" Another Term for Stack Bellows?
Yes, "wrinkle belly" is a term used to describe a specific design feature in stack bellows. It enhances adaptability to axial movement while maintaining structural integrity, making them suitable for various demanding applications.
Can Stack Bellows Replace Rigid Connections in Industrial Systems?
Absolutely. Stack bellows, including expansion joints, metal expansion joints, and edge welded bellows, are designed to replace rigid connections where flexibility is essential. They prevent damage caused by temperature variations, vibrations, and movements in industrial setups.

Key features of our Quick Ship program

Semi-custom solutions

You can get semi-custom stack bellows manufactured from stock components.

Quality assurance

You can trust that the components you receive are proven, durable, and built to last.
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Fast turnaround

You can expect your stack bellows to ship with faster turnaround time than competitors.

Responsive customer support

Have questions or need assistance now? Our customer service team is always happy to help. Give us a call at (800) 672-4136.

Quick shipping for immediate replacements

Stallion Marine offers a quick turnaround to reduce your downtime.

Higher grade alloy

Stallion Marine's exhaust bellows are made with a high-grade inconel 718, 2-ply alloy material.

Outlasts standard bellows

Our exhaust bellows outperform the standard OEM by approximately 40%.
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