Manifold exhaust bellows

Outperforming OEM standards

Stallion Marine's replacements are high-grade manifold exhaust bellows that outperform OEM standards by 40%.
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Superior replacements

Exhaust manifold bellows are designed to absorb displacements and vibrations while accommodating thermal expansion. This results in a significant reduction of the motion within or passed along from the engine to the emission systems of your vessel.

Like every other engine part, manifold exhaust bellows are not immune to faults and downtime. However, getting your hands on essential engine parts like manifold exhaust bellows can be a hassle.

Higher grade alloy

Stallion Marine's exhaust bellows are made with a high-grade inconel alloy material.

Outlasts standard bellows

Our exhaust bellows outperform the standard OEM by approximately 40%.
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Best-in-class quality

Quality is a big deal when shopping for replacement parts, especially when it involves marine systems and engines. Our Caterpillar exhaust manifolds are made with a high-grade alloy, proven to outlast and outperform the standard OEM bellows by up to 40%, with zero fitness or compatibility issues.

Faster sales process

We've adopted a seamless sales process that ensures you can request and get your exhaust manifold bellows 10x faster. Now you can worry less about losing valuable time and productivity.

Competitive rates

Despite offering a shorter lead time on our replacement Caterpillar exhaust manifolds, our rates are among some of the most competitive in the market. We also have a dedicated customer service team that handles all requests promptly and efficiently.

Caterpillar 3500 Replacements

At Stallion Marine, we take pride in meeting this need by making high-grade alloy Caterpillar exhaust manifolds for your engines easily accessible on request. We have an extensive stock of replacement manifold exhaust bellows (flange style) that are perfectly compatible with the 3500 series Caterpillar engines series:
Caterpillar 3508 series engine
Caterpillar 3512 series engine
Caterpillar 3516 series engine
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