The problem with stainless-steel metal boxes on engines

Published on
24 Feb 2022
A side-by-side comparison of stainless steel boxes versus thermal lagging blankets.
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We've heard about the stainless-steel metal box on engines that are time-consuming to remove for inspections. Stainless-steel metal boxes on your engines come with a variety of problems and thermal blankets are your solution.

The Problem

Stainless steel metal covers are known to:

  • Crack due to vibrations
  • Take long hours to remove for inspections
  • Oil feedline run through superheated air pockets in the hot box
  • Fire-suppression cannot get underneath the shield to put the fire out

The Solution

A thermal lagging kit from Stallion Marine solves all of your issues:

  • Quick to install
  • Easily removed for inspections
  • Pre-engineered for the ultimate fit
  • The cost is less than $10,000 USD

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