What are the different types of marine exhaust systems?

Published on
25 Nov 2023
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A proper exhaust system is vital for the efficient operations of the engine and the safety of all occupants on a boat. Marine exhaust systems are different than those found in automotive vehicles.

The primary purpose of a marine exhaust system is to get rid of hot gases inside the engine. The design of all such systems is created with the ultimate goal of cooling the exhaust, removing toxic gasses and muffling the noise of the engine in mind.

A good exhaust system also maintains the boat's engine and allows it to run at maximum capacity. Marine exhaust systems are separated into two basic categories – wet and dry. Each category comes with variations in the way systems are devised and the core maintenance methods they require for solid operations.

In this article, we take a look at some of the common marine exhaust systems and the technicalities in play here. Stay with us to know more about this intricate component.

Dry Exhaust Systems

Dry exhaust systems come without water-cooled manifolds. Once the exhaust runs through the manifold and exits it, no water sources are injected in. The exhaust pipe is hoisted horizontally out of the boat without a muffler in place.

The pipes in a dry exhaust system can grow hot overuse, which is why they are wrapped with fiberglass lagging. This lagging helps minimize the risk of burns and fires and can also insulate the boat’s interior. Some commercial boats and cruises also use tall exhaust pipes hoisted vertically out of the boat to directly emit the gasses as far away from the boat as possible.

Wet Exhaust Systems

Wet exhaust systems follow more contemporary features to use a water cooled manifold for operations. Cooling water is injected into the water to cool down the engine and the exhaust manifold. There is also a muffler present in wet systems to cool the boat down, with some new wet exhaust systems even boasting of a catalytic converter, which reduces emissions.

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